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Apsara Yoga Studio is a private boutique studio surrounded by nature and the peaceful sound of birds in lush and tranquil Yallingup.  This intimate, relaxed and beautifully finished studio boasts a custom built Yoga Wall as well as quality yoga props for your use.


The Yoga wall offers a myriad of benefits to all students from beginners to advanced, such as developing strong core muscles, improving overall flexibility and mobility in the joints and spine. It also helps to build strength in both the large and small muscle groups and to create stability and tranquility in a pose. The Yoga Wall is also used to support injuries, deepen the access to a pose and allow for proper alignment in Therapy yoga classes.


All the yoga props are of the best quality.  The mats are non-slip and durable with extra cushioning, the blocks are from biodegradable bamboo and the bolsters, blankets and straps are all made from certified organic cotton that has been ethically sourced and super comfortable to use.


 Boutique Yoga Studio

The small and intimate classes will offer dynamic and creative sequences that are suitable for all levels, beginners through to the more advanced. Private classes and retreats are also on offer for a unique and personal experience and can be booked via the website booking system.


At Apsara Yoga you will receive personal attention and guidance in a nurturing and sacred space where you can simply arrive on the mat, completely relax and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul….. bringing

Wellness through Balance.


The Yoga Studio | Apsara Yoga & Wellness - Dunsborough
The Yoga Studio | Apsara Yoga & Wellness - Dunsborough
The Yoga Studio | Apsara Yoga & Wellness - Dunsborough

The Yoga Studio 

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