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Yoga Instructor 

Meet Angela

Yoga Teacher, Dietician 

Fertility Massage Therapist 

Angela began practicing yoga in 2000 during a 2-year travel experience through India, Nepal and South East Asia.  She spent extensive time practicing meditation and yoga in monasteries, centres and ashrams, whilst being completely submerged in the culture and studying the philosophy.


​In 2006 Angela began a dedicated practice of the Sudarshan Kriya, Pranayama, Sahaj Samadi meditation and yoga through the Art of Living Foundation.  It was during this time that she also found solace in the practice of yoga asana to bring balance to her stressful life in the corporate Medical Industry in Cape Town, South Africa.


Angela's practice began with Hatha Yoga but she has also been trained in Iyengar, Vinyasa, Therapy and Yin Yoga.  She has completed her 500hrs teaching certification, is a member of Yoga Australia and has specialised in the teaching of Pregnancy Yoga, Yoga for Active Birth and Postnatal Yoga.

Angela draws influence from all of these styles to formulate an alignment-focused, flowing practice that links the movement of the body with the breath in a creative and dynamic way.  Maintaining strength and flexibility has been a key factor in complimenting her competitive trail running career and giving her that extra advantage to win multiple events in the past.  Angela draws on this and her extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology when dealing with injured athletes and teaching Therapy and Yin yoga.


​Being a qualified Dietician and Specialised Pregnancy Yoga teacher, Angela has a strong interest and passion for educating, supporting and empowering women during pregnancy, birth and thereafter.  She believes that everyone should practice yoga as it offers a way of achieving maximum wellness of the body, mind and spirit whilst creating a community of sharing, support and love.

Through her own fertility journey, Angela gained extensive knowledge and a deep understanding of woman’s wellness, fertility and hormones and was lead to the practice of Fertility Massage Therapy.  Her personal experience and understanding enables her to empathise and support woman on their fertility journey.  Angela creates a space for woman to feel safe, nurtured and supported so that they can open up, connect back to their wombs and allow healing to take place during a Fertility Massage Treatment.

​Angela lives in Yallingup (The Place of Love) where she owns a boutique yoga & wellness studio, lives with her beloved husband and two beautiful Border collie’s and spends her spare time tending the veggie garden and orchard or enjoying the stunning nature.  She invites you to join her to explore the body and journey within.

Yoga Instructor  | Apsara Yoga & Wellness - Dunsborough
Yoga Instructor  | Apsara Yoga & Wellness - Dunsborough

Yoga Testimonials

“I recently completed Angela's 6 week prenatal yoga course and I couldn't recommend her highly enough. I managed to complete the classes until late stage pregnancy as she does a fabulous job giving detailed instructions and adaptions to ensure you are comfortable throughout the class. Angela has a beautiful studio out in Yallingup and provides all equipment. I recommend her prenatal yoga is it provides a gentle way to build strength during pregnancy and bring focus to relaxation, meditation and breathing techniques which are all important during and after birth. It definitely helped me to find time to slow down during my busy weeks." 

— Ashlyn, Dunsborough

Apsara Yoga & Wellness Testimonials
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