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Angela is on maternity leave now -

She prepared an online pregnancy course for you.


Face to Face lessons and therapy are not available at the moment.

Angela will keep you updated.

Why Pre and Postnatal Yoga?

~ Celebrate     
keep strong and toned ~

Our pre and postnatal yoga programs are designed to celebrate your transition into motherhood. The beauty of yoga, which is different from other kinds of “exercise”, is that yoga coordinates movement, breath and awareness.

The expectant mum’s entire being is cared for on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.


Taught by a Yoga teacher with a post graduate specialisation in Pregnancy Yoga, the programme will help you to keep strong, toned and flexible during pregnancy, whilst providing you with a ‘toolbox’ of techniques to support you through childbirth and early motherhood.  

At the same time you will have the opportunity to connect to other mums and mums to be so you can share your concerns and excitement in a nurturing and safe space.

~ Breathing techniques 

for labour ~

Online Prenatal Yoga Available Now!

Join me for a 6 week online Prenatal Yoga - Birth Preparation Programme.  

Yes, that's right ~ now you can practice at any time that suits you, from the comfort of your very own home.  

No need to find someone to mind your other little ones, nor rush from work to make the class in time! 

Plus, you have the added benefit of practicing each class as many times per week as you wish!

Online Prenatal Yoga Programme – Buy Now >


Every mum is welcome in each nurturing class of pregnancy yoga. It doesn’t matter what your previous experience of yoga or pregnancy is.


The 6 week programme blends a combination of yoga and birth preparation, with uniquely themed and diverse classes.


If a course has commenced

you are welcome to join mid way through.


Classes will focus on postural alignment whilst building strength and flexibility for labour. We will practice gentle yoga sequences with modifications for common complaints and the various stages of pregnancy.  


Relaxation, meditation and breathing techniques for labour will be an integral part of the practice. Restorative yoga, allowing you time to rest and regenerate your body whilst calming the mind, will be included in the programme.

Prenatal Yoga Programme – Tuesday 4.00pm & Thursday 8.30am >

Postnatal Yoga Programme– Thursday 11.00am >

Mindful Birth Workshops >

~ Practice at your Convenience ~

Prenatal Yoga 

~ Centre the mind    
alleviate pain ~

Key benefits of Prenatal yoga include:

  • Builds strength, stability and flexibility required for childbirth

  • Prepares the mum to calm and centre the mind for birth and motherhood

  • Relieves stress and anxiety 

  • Allows the mum a time to connect with her unborn baby

  • Alleviates common discomforts of pregnancy such as back pain, heartburn, sleep difficulties, shortness of breath

  • Improves body alignment and awareness, which encourages optimal position of the baby for birth

  • Imparts knowledge to empower the mum to make informed choices

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Pre-natal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga 

Courses: 6 week programme; 90min classes; Investment of $150 per programme

Tuesday 4.00pm & Thursday 8.30am 

Our classes end with a cup of chai tea, time for discussion and getting to know a community of mums and expectant mums.


Bookings are essential and early bookings are recommended, as classes are limited to 8 women.

Postnatal Yoga 

~ Time for rest,    
relaxation, restoration ~

Beginners and more experienced students will be catered for and babies are most welcome in the class!!

Yoga during pregnancy is a wonderful way to cultivate awareness of your body, breath and growing baby and to meet other new mums. But once the baby arrives it can be easy to lose connection with other mums, get caught up in the new demands of mothering and feel disheartened about the physical and emotional effects childbirth can have on your body.


Postnatal yoga uses movement, balance and relaxation to therapeutically allow your body to recover from pregnancy and birth. When taught by a specialist teacher, it offers not only yoga, but also useful resources that benefit the new mum, whilst providing continuity of care.


Here you can connect with your baby and enjoy some quiet time in a supportive and loving community.

Other key benefits of Postnatal yoga include:

  • Provides a time for rest, relaxation and re-connection with the body and breath

  • Helps to rebuild strength, stability and flexibility 

  • Restores the body towards full core strength

  • Cultivates mindfulness and patience and encourages conscious parenting 

  • Helps with body alignment and awareness to ease physical discomforts from holding and feeding of baby and other heavy lifting (e.g. car seats)

  • Encourages connection between mum and her new baby

  • Relieves anxiety and depression 

  • Restores hormonal balance

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Post-natal Yoga

Postnatal Yoga 

Courses: 6 week programme; 75min Classes; Investment of $150 per programme

Thursday 11.00am 


The 6 week programme will focus on pelvic floor and abdominal exercises to rehabilitate your core strength after birth. Specifically designed sequences will gently rebuild strength and flexibility, whilst relaxation and breathing techniques will encourage overall wellbeing of the body and mind and support you in motherhood.

Apsara Yoga’s postnatal classes are appropriate for most women six weeks postpartum, or eight weeks if they have had a Caesarean birth. Please check with your midwife or doctor before returning to class.

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Apsara prenatal warrior.jpg
Mindful Birth Workshops

Mindful Birth Workshop 


This informative workshop welcomes expectant mums and their birth support person who desire to have a positive and conscious birth experience. Two essential components to achieving this are education and awareness.  


This interactive and practical workshop will provide you and your support partner with knowledge, skills and techniques to help to prepare you for this life-giving event. 


This will be an intimate group and afternoon tea will be provided

~ Knowledge, skills & technique ~

Women at all stages of their pregnancy are encouraged to attend, along with their support person. This is an opportunity for you dedicate your time to begin to prepare yourself physically and mentally so that you can have an empowering birth experience. 


Topics that will be covered include:

  • The Physiology of labour and birth

  • Alternative Pain relief

  • Optimal positioning for birth

  • Practical advice for support people

  • Newborn behaviours

Any Questions? Please email for further information and to register your interest.

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